Sunday, 5 January 2014

Third week

Can see that thighs are slimmer than 2nd week (:

Side by side comparison

My colleague asked if I have lost some weight. I smiled and din reply. "No, i lost fats", i told myself in my heart :)

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Second week

Brief update on my 2nd week progression.

Thighs not so swollen anymore (:

Pic take 1.5 week

Can see bruise has subsided and thighs are slimmer now. And YES I'm happy with the result!

Went for my post-lipo massage on the 14th day cos I only receive the voucher from Jennifer on the 9th day. Bought a package - $500 for 7 hours. Massage really help to 'soften' the hard lumps.

Friday, 27 December 2013

First week

Happy 1 week anni!

Thighs are super swollen! More and more bruises formed during the first week, esp at the inner and outer thighs.

Spam a lot Hirudoid gel (used 3 tubes within 1 week) and by the end of first week, the bruises have subsided but thighs still very swollen.

10th day after surgery I still limp to work ):

Whenever I feel sad I will take out the post-surgery pic to see and tell myself must be patient!

Wednesday, 25 December 2013


After surgery and 2nd day

The nurse bandaged my thighs with a lot of crepe bandage, making it impossible to even bend my knees.

Ard 9.30am, finally the phone rang! Time for massage!

Absorbent pads (i know look like used sanitary pads, haha) with large volume of drainage.

The second I was bed-ridden...felt lethargic and can't move around freely. What I did was simply eat-watch dvd-sleep-eat-watch dvd-sleep. hahaa...

DVDs available in the clinic

And some magazines in the drawer

And I remember there is a lot of medication to be taken each day. One big packet.

Medicine to be taken

On the 3rd day

The nurse finally decide to remove the bandages and I wanted to go out to Sun Plaza to wash (cos a number of blogger mentioned that can find saloon there). I was told that we can't go to Sun Plaza that day don't know for what reason. So the nurse told the driver to bring me to Abeng (it's pronouced as "ah-ben" and not singaporean style "ah-beng") which is very very near the clinic, like within a few houses!

At Abeng, it only cost IDR40,000 (less than SGD5?) per wash. However, if you are picky, I recommend you bring your own shampoo to the Saloon. The shampoo is damn dry, make my hair tangled. If you able to walk on the 2nd day, maybe you can also ask the driver to bring you to Abeng?

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Surgery day

Arrived at the clinic at around 9am after a long journey from airport.

Was greeted by the receptionist and told to fill in a form.

The maid passed me the key to my room and show me around the house. I was brought to my room,

Pictures of the guest room

Asked to take some medication (which consist of anti-biotics and painkiller),

Took a shower and change into the green color gown (or tube dress) before heading down for my body test (measure your fats etc).

I was told to rest in the consultation room and wait for Dr Arthur. Nothing to do in the consultation room and I don't know Zzz how many times. The consultation was quite standard, consist of where I want fats to be removed, complications, his style of approaching liposuction works etc. Dr told me that the maximum amount of fats he can remove each time is 3 litres and the total fats in my thunder thighs are definitely more than 3 litres. That means I may have to come back again if I want a super model thighs. But I not so ambitious, as long as it's slimmer then I will be very happy.

After the consultation, Dr insert this tap on to my left hand (ok, I know it's called IV Drip).

Then Dr asked me to go back to my room for my lunch cos he know that the surgery to remove 3 litres of fats is going to take at least 3 to 4 hours.

After lunch, received a call to go down and make payments for the surgery. After that, the surgery starts! Seriously I could not remember what happened after Dr told me that he is going to inject some LA into my thighs.

Thighs before lipo

Left thigh lipo-ed. Dr woke me up and asked me to take a look at my lipo-ed left thigh. It's really much much smaller than my right thigh right?

I seriously don't know what happened during the surgery, I also don't know secret did I shared with the Dr and nurses. haha... But I rmb Dr asked me to come back after CNY to lipo my right thigh, I immediately told him "NO, I don't want to come back again". Then he asked me to buy him Ice cream etc and he continue to lipo my right thighs.

Both thighs done (:

3 litre of fats removed. The nurses even asked me if I want to bring my fats home. lol.

My thighs are swollen now. I can't wait for my thighs to heal completely.

Friday, 20 December 2013

Elixir De Vie

Hi all,

Welcome back!

I have to emphasize that I'm not in anyway related to Dr Arthur Tjandra or Elixir De Vie. I'm here to share with you my experience with those who are interested to get their lipo done by Dr Arthur.

Rate for liposuction

The rate is SGD805 per area, both left and right (e.g. right inner thigh and left inner thigh = $805). I know it's damn cheap compare to those lipo done in Singapore. But for your information, Dr Arthur will insist that we must do all 7 areas for thigh (inner, outer, front, back, knee and buttocks/ hips), 5 areas for tummy and 4 areas for arms to achieve a 3D-sculpting look. End up still have to fork out a few thousands (:

Payment can be done by cash and credit cards. I didn't want to bring SGD5,635 worth of cash to Medan and I didn't know that payment can be made by I-banking so I paid my surgery by credit card. Dr Arthur will use the spot rate to convert the SGD to IDR and you will have to pay in IDR. I end up paying SGD 300 extra due to the exchange differences.


The clinic provides guest rooms for patient to stay. Cost SGD50 per night per pax, additional SGD10 per night if you intend to bring someone along or share the accomodation with your friend. If you prefer to have an attached bathroom (highly recommend) will be additional SGD10 per night. Trust me, please get a room with an attached bathroom because during your first few days after lipo cos you can hardly move around.

Transport services

With effect from July 2013, the airport was relocated to some ulu places outside the City. Car ride will take around 1 hour (can't remember) and the traffic is very bad. Horn is free in the city (: you will know what I mean when you are there.

Unlike Sg, Medan does not have good transport system like MRT or bus services. There is a new airport railway, more information can be found here: I've also heard of delay or cancellation of the railway services, therefore I would not recommend this option. But if you opt for this option, please contact Jennifer and request the driver to pick you up from the Medan City railway station. I think it's free.

The most convenient method is to arrange to get the driver to pick you up at the airport. I chose this option as I reckon it is the safest and most reliable method. Please note that the pick up from airport is not free, it cost SGD22. And another SGD 22 for driver to send you back to airport on the last day. The driver is very friendly but does not know how to speak english. However, IMO he drive recklessly. Kind of scary sometimes. But maybe it's there culture.


Breakfast is included. But not for lunch and dinner. You can order from the menu and each meal will not cost more than SGD6.

Other services

A lot of shopping malls around the clinic (e.g. Sun Plaza, Cambridge City Square and Carrefour). When you are bored, you can ask the driver to send you to these shopping malls. I only manage to do it on my third day because the painkiller made me so drowsy plus I could not stand for too long on the first few days. The maid will pass you a phone for you to call the driver when you are done with the shopping.

With love,



Hi all,

Welcome to my blog (: I've started this blog to share my experience with those who are interested in getting liposuction with Elixir De Vie.

A brief intro of myself

I'm in my twenties now. I love to exercise. However no matter how hard I try to exercise, I'm still having fats deposit at my buttocks and thighs area. I can fit into size S (or even free size) top but for my bottoms, I must always get size L and above (it's real, no kidding). When I was in sec sch, I often get teased by my fren and they call me 大屁股! So mean right?

Why liposuction?

When I was younger, I always thought that cosmetic surgery is only for people who are vain. However, as I grow older, I realised that it's not wrong to make yourself look better. After all who don't wish to be/ stay pretty? And those ex-classmates of mine who have went for cosmetic surgery really look soooo beautiful now. So I'm in for it!

Research on liposuction

So I started looking for good lipo surgeon in sg. I never like the idea of travelling out of sg for lipo, esp Medan which sound so ulu to me, but after reading many good reviews on Dr Arthur Tjandra (, I started to get interested and started to email his administrator, Jennifer Cotto (, to enquiry about the rates, accomodation, transport and etc. I would say that Jennifer is very fast in her replies, she will reply within 24hrs. But I have to warn you first, be prepare to receive 2 or 3 super long email from Jennifer. But all information in her emails are useful, so make sure you read in detail! (:

Pre-surgery preparation

Jennifer will send you a form to do a blood test at paragon. I'm not sure if we need to fast before the blood test. Jennifer say fasting is required in her email but the clinic nurse look surprise when I told her that I did not have any food since the night before. Best to call the clinic to check.

I took time off on a monday the morning to do blood test, it's pretty fast. Clinic open at 8.30am but I manage to reach office at 10am. I even had breakfast.

For my case, the blood test result was out on the same day, and on the same day, I went ahead to book my air ticket to Medan. There are a few airlines flying to Medan, E.g. Valuair (Jetstar), Mandala (Tigerair) and Silkair. Silkair has flight that reach Medan at 8am. So if you intend to perform the surgery on the same day then I will suggest that you take Silkair. I heard from another friend that Valuair likes to delay / cancel your flight. No doubt it's cheaper, but there is a risk that you may not be able to reach the clinic on time for your surgery.

Thanks for reading this post. I will continue to update this space with more information on my liposuction surgery.

With love,